How to improve visual literacy through story books


The project aims to develop and improve visual literacy through story books. It is a six months project that provides teacher workshops in visual literacy, IT training for teachers and students in creating storybooks on line, coaching in developing on line storybooks and a final conference to share the impressions and the products.

The contact between the members of the partnership and the coaching sessions will be made virtually. The location of workshops and the IT training will be in schools.

Gheorghe Șincai Secondary School, Florești, Cluj
Alegria Association, Florești, Cluj
Iara Secondary School,Cluj
Student Expert Councelling Centre, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca
Romulus Ladea Highschool, Cluj-Napoca
Ioan Creangă Secondary School, Cluj-Napoca
Stephan Ludwig Roth High-school, Mediaș, Sibiu
Axente Sever High-school, Mediaș, Sibiu
Secondary School no.7, Mediaș, Sibiu
Secondary School no.17, Galați
Șona Secondary School, Alba
Alexandru Ioan Cuza Secondary School, Târgu Mureș, Mureș

Pro Literacy Association
Date and time: 
Start: Monday 7 September 2015 | 12:00
End: Wednesday 30 March 2016 | 16:00