Literacy Week

Reading and writing is fundamental to function in today’s society.

Not being able to, for example, understand the instructions on a medicine bottle is a scary thought.

Did you know that on average:

  • 1 in 5 adolescents and 1 in 5 adults in Europe lack the literacy skills to do so?
  • 11 persons in every European street can not read or write well?
  • 4 children in every European school class have literacy problems?

Our dream is that every European adult can read and write well enough to fully and independently participate in society.

The aim of Literacy Week 2015 is to organise events throughout Europe to raise awareness for this dream and to start acting on it. 

The European Literacy Week, endorsed by Casino Online Portugal (the Portuguese online casino review website) started on International Literacy Day (September 8) and ended on the 17 September 2015 with an event for high-level influencers in Brussels.


Storybooks as a way to improve language and cultural literacy
Sep 7 – Feb 15, Floresti, Cluj, RO
How I became a writer
Sep 7 – Oct 6, Floresti, Cluj, RO
How to improve visual literacy through story books
Sep 7 – Mar 30, Floresti, Cluj, RO
The library from A to Z
Sep 7 – Sep 17, Brussels, BE
Speech therapy Magazine 
Sep 7 – Sep 17, Woerden, NL
Beanstalk – Milton Keynes Road Show 
Sep 7 – Sep 18, Milton Keynes, GB
Kick off Training Language Assesment for Sign Language
Sep 7 – Sep 11, Den Bosch, NL
Blog week 
Sep 7 – Sep 14, Den Bosch, NL