In the run-up to Literacy Week 2015, organisations throughout Europe were called to organise events to raise awareness for the dream of a fully literate Europe. The events registered before August 16 had a chance to be nominated for the first Literacy Week Innovation Award. An award to praise the innovativeness with which awareness for the alarming issue of literacy is raised.

Based on the criteria ‘innovation’, ‘reach of audience’ and ‘used resources’, three of the events registered before August 16 were nominated. The following three events were nominated to win the first Literacy Week Innovation Award:

  • The value of literacy, 8 September – Finnish Refugee Council, Helsinki, Finland: An incomprehensible and unreadable text is printed in Finnish newspapers accompanied by the question ‘how does it make you feel to not being able to read a text?’.
  • Grammar on the road, 11 September – Primary School Hristo Botev, Sofia, Bulgary: Primary School students make road signs with grammar rules and hit the streets to ask people passing by whether they know the rules.
  • We create stories, 12 September – ByL InEdu, Valencia, Spain: A contest of writing microstories takes place, followed by transforming these stories in digital stories using Scratch.